Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fog Fest Booth Test Run

Michelle came over on Friday and we had a chance to set up a test run of our booth. I must say, we were pretty excited at the results. Michelle did such a great job of designing it and making it all come together.

The cool thing is we have spent very little money making it look nice and professional. We re-purposed the black wire frame from my house, the A-frame shelf came from eBay and I made the T-stands. We marked off a 10 x 10 area on my backyard patio and used the fence to hang the wire frame. The wire frame and quilts will actually be hung from the frame of the tent that is provided.

We stepped back and admired our work. A plan Michelle drew out on paper, now had come to life. We just looked at each other and grinned at how awesome it looked. Now, hopefully there won't be many surprises on our first day of set up!

Wire frame to hang all the bags.
Got my 5 year old to take pics of us holding quilts to see how they would look as the backdrop.
Home made T-stands to showcase the belts and headbands. Vase for cat toys and a container for the marker roll-ups.
Another quilt back drop.
Baskets to hold the remainder of the quilts and the baby blankets.
A-frame shelf to showcase all the beanies. We ended up painting the shelf white.
Two very happy and excited girls!

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