Thursday, May 3, 2012

Block One Is Complete

I have finished my first embroidery on block one for the stitch along. I am very excited by the results. Embroidery is actually pretty easy and I am looking forward to bettering my skills at it. I have always been very jealous of my crocheting friends because they have a craft they can travel I do too!

I had given so much thought to getting a sewing machine that had embroidery capabilities, but now that I am learning this skill by hand, I think I want to keep it that way. Yes, it takes a long time to complete, but the results are so much more satisfying. There are a lot of quilters out there who swear by hand stitching their binding to the back. I have tried takes FOREVER! At least with embroidery, I have a really pretty design to show for the lengthy hand work.

So here is my first completed block!

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