Monday, October 8, 2012

Fog Fest Success!

After months of sewing (and crocheting for Michelle!) until all hours of the night and constant worrying about whether there would be enough inventory, our first craft fair was a huge success. We had such a good time just being there and talking to all kinds of people. The two days were long, but passed very quickly. We had a lot of support from all of our friends and family, some of who actually purchased items from us and some who just came by to say hello. It was nice to also meet people who were interested in our crafts. Both Michelle and I had some inquiries for some custom orders and we also met a couple people who were interested in having us join their craft fairs. And yes, we actually made a little money (which was not the main goal).

The back of the booth.

The two separate days we spent in my backyard organizing and tweaking our booth set up, were very well worth it. When we arrived on site the first morning, we unloaded, got right to work setting up and fortunately had no surprises. My years spent in the events industry helped keep me focused, as I just jumped in and got things done in our two hour set up window. By the second day, we had time to spare and ended up tweaking our set up a little more to showcase certain items a little better.

The left side of the booth.

The right side of the booth.
Michelle and I on the first morning...yes, we are super excited to get the day started!

My kids were both asking to "help" sell in the booth. So I handed them business cards and told them to pass them out to people walking by.

My son was really into passing out cards and super cute walking up to people. Who can resist an adorable 4 year old?!?!
I am really proud of all that we accomplished and learned from this experience. Especially of our professional looking booth. You would never have guessed this was our very first craft fair ever! After having such a great time at Fog Fest, we are looking forward to getting more craft fair experience under our belts. We are getting a list together of the possibilities for next year!

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